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I didn’t mean to write a certain “type” but I just love the fated mates trope, so I’ve ended up writing quite a few virgin heroes, and this February I’m celebrating them!

First up is Onyx Dragons: Malachite. It just so happens that February is also his book birthday (a less steamy version originally debuted in the 2017 Other Worlds boxed set, but the sexy scenes were added back in and it was published as its current version in February 2018). I just love Mal! He’s a total business dragon obsessed with growing his treasure hoard until his mom, a *true* dragon lady, demands he produce grand dragonlets. For the first time ever, he looks up from his CEO desk and sets his eyes on the shy graphic design intern who’s been secretly crushing on him. For the rest of February, Onyx Dragons: Malachite is $0.99 at most retailers!

All of my Onyx and Carnelian Dragons are actually virgin heroes (with the notable exception of Pyro) so all single dragon books are part of the Barnes & Noble BOGO extravaganza happening right now! Buy Mal on sale and get a second single book in the series absolutely free. 🙂

All of my Lords of Atlantis heroes are 100% virgins. They are true soul mates in that they can’t even accidentally sleep with the wrong person ~ their bodies can’t react until they feel the “resonance” of the match in their souls. The first book in the series, Seduced by the Sea Lord, is part of the Kobo February Romance BOGO event!

As more come in, I’ll add them here.

I just love a hero who knows what he wants and pursues it. So, even if my heroes aren’t virgins, like my Blades of Arris heroes, a lot of them have emotionally never fallen in love before, and are unprepared to be swept away by their obsessive loyalty and desire for the heroine. I just love that!

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