Did you enjoy Her Perfect Christmas Dragon in the All He Wants for Chrismas holiday bundle?

I loved following irrepressible heroine Karmel and her far-too-serious dragon mate, Peridot, in their quest to find true love! And the holiday spirit, of course. 🙂

Writing in August, I had so many Christmas cravings during Her Perfect Christmas Dragon, I baked pink vanilla fairy cakes, pumpkin spice pancakes, and mini s’mores cupcakes in a week to stop from getting out the reindeer cookie cutters. Now that it’s almost Thanksgiving, I feel a little less guilty for lingering around the adorable pumpkins and cinnamon scented pine cones at the grocery store.

Want to make Peridot’s super simple Oreo truffles? Try out the recipe is here:

This is one of my favorite cookie truffles of all time. It’s so simple and it only has 3 ingredients! I make it every year for my family and put it in homemade holiday “treats” boxes with along rainbow fudge, microwave caramels, and two or more of my other favorite truffles — mini chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, or cake batter.

I’ve tried making the more exotic truffles — eggnog, pumpkin spice, brownie, and even rootbeer (!) — and simple old Oreo is the best!

Happy happy baking and holidays ~

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