Mal, a hot dragon shifter alien, must find an Earth woman to marry or he’ll be recalled to Draconis — and his company will be destroyed. But where to find a mate? Please enjoy this super fun excerpt!


Mal stood and paced in front of his desk. “Where does one find a wife?”

“I have researched this.” With relief, Alex turned on the wall screen and began his PowerPoint presentation. “On Earth, potential mates find each other in many ways.”

Pictures of park benches, sandy beaches, and couples walking dogs appeared on the screen.

“Once found, these mates look into each other’s eyes and know the other is ‘the one.’”

Mal grunted. On Draconis, it was more common for the female to spray her chosen mate with lustful hormones. Then any nearby males would be instantly driven into the mating frenzy.

Human eyes must have some mesmerizing power. Perhaps hypnosis? He would carefully watch for it.

“Then,” Alex continued, “the male proposes—”

“The male proposes?”

“Yes.” Alex hesitated. “The female can propose, but it is rarer.”

Everything just got much harder. Mal scrubbed his face. “How does the male prevent an uninterested female from becoming enraged and gnawing his arm off?”

“Humans lack frontal incisors.” Alex tapped his flat, human-form teeth. “However, you will need to exercise caution.”

Both dragons chewed on their situation for a long moment. Although they had crossed solar systems and built a billion-coin company, they were shockingly unprepared for this event.

When they left their scattered places in the Outer Rim, no female dragon would have ever selected the poor, low caste males for her partner. Now Empress Horribus wanted Mal for a husband. How things had changed.

Alex cleared his throat. “There is, luckily, an organization called a ‘dating site’ where mate-ready women gather.”

Oh, good. “Excellent research.”

Alex brought up an internet browser. “I started an account. You must complete these questions. One: What is your ideal day?”

“The day we emerge triumphant over our arch-rivals, the Carnelians.”

Alex typed in the answer. “Two: What are your qualities, such as strengths and weaknesses?”

How easy. “My strength is lifting fourteen tons, and my weakness is lifting only two tons with my wing bone fingers.”

Alex’s lips pursed. He was impressed with Mal’s honesty. But only a clear-eyed view of his true strength and weakness could let him run a successful company, so the woman he married also had to know.

“Three: What qualities do you desire in a woman?”

“I don’t understand the question.”

Alex studied it. He also had no idea what it was asking, so they reviewed the answers of other males on the site. “Age, hair color, and other physical descriptors of the female. Also her interests and specializations.”


“I have no preference,” he said. Males didn’t prefer females. They went crazy with lust or stayed out of the way.

“The answer is required to proceed.”

Mal leaned back in his chair and tossed out the first words he could imagine to describe attractive females. “Beautiful, kind, unlikely to bite off a male’s snout… Quiet, and peaceful, and also shy.”

Alex typed.

An image formed in Mal’s head, and he described her. “She blushes when she speaks. But everything she says is on target. No wasted words. And she’s always working, always drawing her pictures.”

“Like Cheryl?” Alex suggested, naming the shy graphic design intern who had worked for them for six months.

“Yes. With wavy brown hair that comes down to here.” He indicated his shoulder.

“Also like Cheryl.”

“It makes you want to stroke her. And sparkling brown eyes as though she knows a secret you haven’t figured out.”

And she was soft. Squeezable. His hands palmed the ghostly image of her curves, hugged by the ample jeans and dark, secretive hoodie.

Thinking about Cheryl made a kick in his taut belly and a humming in his blood. It demanded action.

He surged to his feet.

“That finishes the profile,” Alex said. “Now to meet—”

“Forget the profile. I figured out a faster solution.” Mal stormed to the door and threw it open. “Alex, out. Cheryl? Get back in here!”


What happens when Cheryl is called back into Mal’s office? Find out here:

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