Surrendering to the Sea Lord


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She is beautiful, kind, perfect. I must tell her. But the words do not come.

Warrior Uvim has always performed his duty silently. He awaited the day when the tyrants fell and the mer were free. Now that day is here, and he is more constrained than ever.

Before him is his bride, Milly. Tender and sweet, lush and pure-hearted. Sister of a queen.

And, according to the old traditions, never to be his.


Milly fell hard for the amethyst warrior with the haunted gaze. His kisses steal her nightmares and his bulging arms make her feel safe. She’s survived her hard past and come home.

Or has she?

Their forbidden love signals a sea change in the war for the mer. A dark enemy lurks close and the friends they rely on will change alliances to keep Milly and Uvim apart.


Surrendering to the Sea Lord contains steamy mer love scenes, an all-new giant octopus, and a triple wedding! Plus two bonus stories: Her Warrior’s Kiss and Her Warrior’s Vow. Series fans and new readers alike will love this entry.

Take a deep breath and dive in to the Lords of Atlantis!

That’s what Uvim was. Calm. His presence stilled her swirling thoughts.
And his hard body evoked forbidden desires.
She focused on her food.
He finished his meal and rested the fork on the side of his plate, mirroring her.
“Done? I’ll show you where to sleep.” She rose.
“I … patrol.” He made a fist. “Defend against … your enemies.”
How honorable. But Uvim would not defend her against a cockroach right now.
She sat. “Brody’s appearance tonight was a misunderstanding.”
He lifted a brow. Disbelief.
“We almost dated.”
His questioning expression remained.
“Tried to start a relationship.”
Surprise and then a dark shadow crossed his face.
“It didn’t work out,” she assured him.
Wait. Why she did she have to assure Uvim?
Her chest burned hot and cold, which meant her soul light was probably setting off fireworks.
Uvim struggled for words. “You … did not … touch.”
“Stop looking.” She covered her traitorous chest. But Uvim was right. It was hard to date a guy if she couldn’t bring herself to touch him. “How did you know?”
“You are … not … his bride.”
Mermen and their brides. She dropped her hands. “I may be no one’s bride.”
“You are a bride.”
She smiled. It was easier than arguing.
“You … allow no males … near your home.”
“I allow no one near my home. Male, female. Nobody.”
But you brought me.
He didn’t say it aloud. She heard the statement in her mind.
Uvim was special.
So was this house.
“I love my house. It’s mine,” she defended herself. “No one can make stupid rules or threaten to kick me out. I can live my life as I like. And it’s where I retreat when I get overwhelmed.”
“With life. It’s tough after you graduate. I have a degree and I’m still trying to find my place.”
“Your place … is the sea.”
“I wish.”
His brows lifted.
She held up her palms. “But not enough to pay your price.”
His frown returned. He didn’t like her calling the mer marriage ceremony a transaction. Even though it was.
Here’s how it worked:
A bride accepted a merman’s offering – aka, Sea Opal – and he “claimed” her with his kiss.
She drank the nectar from a blossom of his city’s Life Tree. If her soul truly resonated with his, then she transformed into a mermaid.
Transforming took stages. First, she saw and heard and breathed underwater – passive traits. Second, she could speak and shift her feet into fins. Third, and only if she truly embraced her new identity, she could wield their mystical soul-connecting resonance into a super power.
The super powers only worked underwater. But they were still pretty amazing.
Zara and the first bride, Lucy, could project a shield. Another bride, Aya, could push others away. Aya’s cousin Elyssa could lay her hands on any mer and heal.
Milly wanted to join their ranks. She wanted to heal or shield or push. Save cities? Sign her up.
But there was the hitch.
Despite her dreamy fantasies, she’d never kiss Uvim.
Kisses led to more kisses. Nakedness. Yielding control while desire swept her away.
She liked her feet under her, thank you very much.
“I can’t have a normal life,” she finished. “I’m going to be an awesome aunt to baby Zain. I’ve got no interest in getting close to a guy or making my own children. None. Zero. Zip.”
She was not imagining how Uvim would taste. If his mouth was as addictive as his scent. Or tracing the crinkly amethyst tattoos under Uvim’s orange waistband — with her tongue.
His smooth, curved olive skin. The weight and shape of his male member. Hard or soft? How it would plunge into her throbbing feminine—
“None,” she said firmly.
His gaze dropped to her chest. He sensed her truths and her lies.
She splayed her fingers across her breastbone. “If you weren’t a merman, your attention to my breasts would be flattering.”
He lifted his gaze as if to ask, I am not flattering?
“I don’t share my feelings with strangers.”
“I am Uvim.” Not a stranger.
And he thought she had shared many feelings.
“Mostly anger.” Milly picked up her empty coffee cup. “And my commitment to lifelong celibacy.”
“Your husband … will change you.”
“I don’t think so.”
He looked smug.
“I hate to blow your mind, but I’m probably the only college graduate in this archipelago who didn’t hook up with at least three, four other coeds.”
He frowned. Hook up? Hit on?
“‘Hook up’ means sex.”
Uvim flinched.
“Sorry. I know mermen only get one shot at finding their brides.”
He blinked suddenly as though smacked by an unwelcome realization. His forehead creased with unhappiness.
“What?” she asked.
“A warrior cannot…”
“Hook up,” she supplied.
“…embrace any female.”
“You said that. He could get his hand cut off just for touching.”
He shook his head. “Only his bride makes him react.”
He gestured to his damp swim shorts.
The bulging crotch.
His bulging…
She’d seen a few multi-colored merman cocks in her day. Loud and proud, they’d swung loose. Relaxed. Because she wasn’t their bride?
“You only get hard for one woman? Ever?”
He nodded.
She leaned back in her chair. “If humans were the same, it would solve a ton of problems.”
“You are a bride.”
That again.
“I’d love to be a mermaid. I’m not going to lie.” She popped out of her chair and carried their dishes to the sink. “Live underwater. Develop mystical super powers. No one would ever trap me again.”
She scrubbed the dishes. “Just as an example.”
She shivered and increased the water, loud, to drown out her own heartbeat. “Uh huh?”
She shut off the water and turned.
He’d slid out of his seat and knelt in front of her.
Her stomach flip-flopped.
This male attracted her. Bad. She would melt in his arms.
He stared up at her as though he could read the secrets in her heart. In her soul.
She should have knocked out a less tempting warrior.
But that was okay. She’d be rid of him by morning. As soon as he came to his senses, she’d—
“Milly.” He took her hand. Enveloped her in warmth. “You are my bride.”

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Reader Reviews:

OMG! This is the most amazing book I have read in a long time. I love all the stories from Lords of Atlantis but this is my absolute favorite one. Uvim is totally swoon-worthy. And his and Molly’s self-doubts are heart-wrenching. This book is action-packed and kept me at the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I could not put it down. I forgot to eat and almost forgot to breathe. Without a doubt, I will read this one again and again. If you haven’t read any of the books in the Lords of Atlantis series you got to read this one! You’ll love it! And then you’ll go back and read the other ones as well. I highly recommend the whole series!

I loved how each another’s love made them grow into who they were always meant to be.

Also in the Series

Saved by the Sea Lord

Saved by the Sea Lord

Hazel brushed the tattoos on Lotar’s sternum. “These have a meaning, right? What does this one mean?”
“It is the symbol of my city.”
“My origin city. Syrenka.”
She traced the lines up. The snowflake pattern branched into geometric shapes. Smaller hashes and squares divided each square. “Where’s Syrenka?”
The steam of the shower wrapped them in slippery fog.
She was still terrified about what accepting Lotar would mean. The fate of the mermen would rest on her small shoulders.
But she had already decided.
She’d decided when she’d brought him back to her apartment.
The door was there. She’d already opened it.
Now she just had to walk through.
Hazel lowered her hand and forced herself to look up into his deep, watchful eyes. “What happens now?”
“You accept my claim.”
“I thought I did.”
“With a kiss.”
Right. She’d gotten him naked and seen everything but still hadn’t shared a kiss.
Hazel did everything out of order.
Whatever. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she took the next step.
Her stomach filled with butterflies. She was ready. She chose this. She chose him.
Hazel closed her eyes and lifted her lips.

She opened her eyes.
Lotar looked conflicted.
A dark frown slashed his brow. His worried gaze fixed on her lips and all his muscles flexed, taut, as he struggled.
When he noticed her question, he blinked as though trying to clear away his emotions, concealing an internal fight behind the quiet, impassive watchfulness.
He’d said she was his soul mate. He knew. And the next step was to kiss…
“Okay, well.” She patted his chest. “When you want to do that, let me know.”
She turned away to shut off the water.
Lotar’s hand closed over her wrist.
He pulled her back, gently but decisively.
Haha, okay, maybe she had misread him. “Oh, hey, you—”
His mouth covered hers in a kiss.
The shower pattered on her back. The scent of vanilla and cardamom mixed with sea salt and male.
Heat streaked through her body.
He was all muscle, hardness and pride, strength and dominance.
His mouth opened, and his tongue sought hers.
She licked his intoxicating male flavor, lapped up every drop, teasing his mouth, delving and swirling, nibbling.
His hand at her wrist tightened and the heat of his body crossed the last inch to draw her against him. Her thigh slid against his, her belly pressed his upper hip, her breasts slid against his chest.
He pursued her mouth doggedly. She teased him, swirling and looping until he released her lips. Then she bit his sharp jaw with little nips and grazed her teeth across his rough chin.
He sucked in a breath.
Her nipples tightened to hard pearls, and desire streaked into her center.
He was quiet but expressive. Ready but uncertain.
And that was just fine.
She kissed down the column of his neck, over the cord of the spiral shell necklace, to his collarbone. So broad, so powerful. Down his pectorals, over the swirling tattoos. Like kissing ice fields, but hot and trembling. This was as meaningful to him as it was to her. After tonight, their lives would never be the—
He caught her wrists, stopping her.
Uncertainty flashed in his eyes.
No, not uncertainty.
He stared at her with absolute terror.
Had she gotten it all wrong?


Hazel looked up at him, worry tilting her head. “Are you okay?”
He nodded.
Because he was. He was more than okay.
His soul mate opened her body to him, pressed her soft form to his, accepted, and even covered him with hungry kisses. She wanted his claim. His kiss, his caress, his touch.
It was a dream.
And yet.
His heart pounded as if a pack of angry bull sharks had scented him.
Hazel was so open. So confident in the moment of melding their bodies to create a young fry. Easy and yet serious, playful and yet passionate. She was a pure and beautiful soul.
He must protect her.
From danger, from injury.
From himself.