Spellbound by the Sea Lord

Title: Spellbound by the Sea Lord
Series: Lords of Atlantis #7
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 369
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Warrior. Healer. Savior. Spy.

Mer warlord Balim, the sarcastic healer of besieged rebel city Atlantis, has finally found his soul mate.

To his horror.

Bella’s fierce red hair teases his fingertips, velvet-encased curves entice his eyes, and intricately patterned freckles make him crave more than a taste of the skillfully charming single mother. She awakens his most dangerous desires.

Bella has a knack for outrunning trouble, but lately, trouble’s been catching up. She can’t stop herself from responding to the hard-muscled warrior, even though her secrets might get them killed.

What she doesn't realize?

His secrets might kill them first.

Spellbound by the Sea Lord contains cursed daggers, incurable diseases, heroic giant octopuses, and the power of love. Settle in for a twisty, steamy adventure of passion beneath the sea!


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