Spellbound by the Sea Lord


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Balim, the sarcastic healer of Atlantis, has finally found his soul mate. Bella’s fierce red hair teases his fingertips, velvet-encased curves entice his eyes, and intricately patterned freckles make him crave more than a taste of the skillfully charming single mother. She awakens his most dangerous desires.

Bella has a knack for outrunning trouble, but lately, trouble’s been catching up. She can’t stop herself from responding to the hard-muscled warrior, even though her secrets might get them killed.

What she doesn’t realize?

His secrets might kill them first.

Enjoy this complete standalone novel in the Lords of Atlantis series! Spellbound by the Sea Lord contains cursed daggers, incurable diseases, heroic giant octopuses, and the power of love. Settle in for a twisty, steamy adventure of passion beneath the sea!

“What are you looking for in a bride?”
A smile of pure arrogance tilted his lips. “You.”
Her? Her?
He lowered his head. His mouth closed on hers. Their lips united.
Tender, sweet pressure and spicy male unlocked her heart and spilled her soul out. Arousal flooded her veins. Feeling she didn’t even know she still possessed—desire, innocence, vulnerability—flushed through her. Her pussy throbbed, hot and ready. She was his lock. He was her key.
His powerful hand spanned the back of her neck, commanding her to let go of her resistance and yield to his unstoppable possession.
Bella melted into Balim’s kiss.
She mustn’t let herself enjoy his firm lips on hers, his tantalizing breath on her cheek, or the soft brush of his hair against her forehead. The scent of the ocean and his masculine salt mixed with the heady floral spice of the night-blooming jasmine. Innocent and yet so alluring.
He was just a mark. A way for her to reach her goal. The male she had to trick—
His lips parted beneath hers, nibbling. Licking, sucking. Teasing.
Hot need sizzled into her center.
She parted, allowing him in.
He surged forward, unstoppable as the tide. Passion crashed over her, fizzing in white tingles. She felt her whole existence in his possession. His tongue thrusting into her mouth, claiming her. His even teeth nibbling on her throbbing, hot, sensitive lips. His mouth owning hers.
Accept my claim.
She wanted to.
She wanted him to push her down. Scoop her breasts free of the emerald velvet, releasing her from the too-tight corset, push her skirt above her thighs, bury his cock deep into her aching center. Forget herself and just exist as woman and man until her responsibilities floated away and she recaptured the easy freedom of her long-ago youth.
But she had responsibilities. Others were relying on her. She couldn’t run away. That was how her parents had dealt with their problems. Every time she ran away, she hurt worse.
She broke off, gasping. Her lips were wet and hungry, and Balim also breathed as though he had run a marathon. She covered her mouth, struggling for control of her quivering body, and pulled out of his arms.
His kiss broke her. How dare he make her feel hungry? Hopeful? Happy?
When her life was crashing, how dare she let him?
“Bella! What’s going on? Please answer. Please, Bella!”
She lowered her chin to keep her lips away.
He stayed near, his hard jaw smooth against her cheek. She pulled in a deep, steadying breath. Her heart leaped and her knees shook.
Powerful rightness shook her foundation. She fought against it.
She’d met him. He was her one. Her soul mate. And she didn’t believe in soul mates. He was her everything.
And she would betray him.

Balim is a healer so it kind of made sense to write a medical drama, and I wrote this in June the year before the pandemic, so I sure was surprised when COVID came along.

The merman sickness is based on fish ick, which I had to study to write this. I wish the power of love healed all illnesses. That would be great!

A little before I was going to write this book, one of my college-aged coworkers was diagnosed with leukemia by his dentist. It was a big shock because he didn’t have a family history. Luckily, he responded well to treatments and is now doing well. So, I learned about leukemia during the writing process, and now I’m on the Be The Match bone marrow donor list just in case someday I can help someone with leukemia.

Series: Lords of Atlantis #7
Genre: Fantasy, Mermen, Shifters, Steamy Paranormal Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Pages: 388
ISBN13: 978-1-943110-28-5

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