coverTitle: Sithe
Series: Blades of Arris #1
Release Date: September 21, 2021
Contributors: Starla Night
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 328
ISBN13: 978-1-943110-67-4
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It’s a routine mission. Hunt down the ones who dared – dared – steal our sacred procreation metal from us, the rulers of the empire.

The Arrisans conquered Earth in a day. They smashed into our helpless planet like a wrecking ball, and overnight, everything changed.

That’s what our history books say.

The truth is, I’ve never seen an Arrisan face-to-face. But when my lone medical ship is attacked by ruthless pirates, the nightmare that hunts them down is no hero. Cloaked in assassin’s gray, metal scythes fused to his wrist-bones, he is the grim reaper of the conquerors. The Arrisan elite special forces. A blade.

Luckily for me, he’s in a good mood now that he’s the last man standing in the blood-soaked ruins of my bridge, so he lets me live. After all, I’m just a lesser. Clearly I’m no threat.

Until his body starts reacting to mine…


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Heat floods my jack.

“Are you done?” She rises up on her other palm and cranes her neck to see into my face.

If I couple with her, the heat will leave me. It will flow out into her where it belongs. If I take her on my terms, instead of having my fluids torn from me, I will be able to control this.

And she has already chosen me as her partner.

But before I make a single movement, she pulls away and straightens, the fabric piling onto my wrists. “You have to ask every time. They have to agree. Every time.”

As if she can dictate to me. This lesser who took my body without my agreement, who wrenched feelings from it, who compelled me.

Her very gaze is hypnotizing.

I ask. “Will you?”

Those long lashes flutter. She focuses on my flat cloak. “You want me?”

I separate my suit to expose the critical part.

My jack, hot and throbbing.

She reaches her hand out to touch it.

I angle away. There is no need to experience the mouth, the fingertips. I am ready to couple and lose my release in her. Get my own fix so that I can repair this fissure in my brain.

Her fingers curl around empty air.

She meets my eyes. “What’s your name?”

I have so many. Blade, Arrisan, destroyer. “Sithe.”

“Sai…th.” She sounds it out, her tongue curling around the unfamiliar syllables. Perhaps I was mistaken about needing her mouth on me. One taste of that sensation was not enough. “You have to know my name to ask me.”

“What is your name?”

“And you have to call it when you come.”


“Release.” She fixes me with those impossible eyes again. The desert irises of untold mountains. “Say my name. Catarine.”

Also an odd name. So many syllables, and they tumble across one another.

“Say it,” she demands.

And, as I’ve decided to yield to the compulsion jetting through my taut body in order to control it, I accept her rules. “Will you agree to be my partner, Catarine?”

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