Stolen by the Sea Lord

Title: Stolen by the Sea Lord
Series: Lords of Atlantis #4
Release Date: January 30, 2018
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 250
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They stole his wife. His son. His honor. 

So he will steal them back.

Highly respect warlord Elan lost everything the night his son was born. Once a First Lieutenant, now a disgraced exile, he has no allegiance — except to her. And when his enemies are lulled, he takes his revenge.

Once she pledged her soul to this tattooed warrior. Now she knows the cost.

Zara nearly died the night she was taken from Elan. Forced to the surface and ordered to forget her year as a merman’s sacred bride, her shattered body mirrors her broken mind.

Then Elan emerges from the deep. He stands before her like a mirage. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, and all hers.

Or is he?


Elan’s enemies are relentless as the tide. And if Zara cannot save him, the ancient traditions will win — and the hope for mer and humans will be lost forever.


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Starla's Note ~ A less steamy version of this book was originally released as part of the limited-edition USA Today Bestselling Sirens & Scales anthology. It is now a full-steam stand-alone novel only.

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