Shattered by the Sea Lord


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Matchmaker Dannika will do anything to help the mer warriors find their soul mates and save their race.
Until a warrior tries to claim her for himself.
Forget the steady strength in his bulging biceps, the tingling awareness coursing through her veins, or the patience, kindness, and empathy in his iridescent green-and-coffee-brown irises.
She already met her soul mate.
Met, married, and mourned him.
If something happened to her gorgeous mer warrior…
No. She can’t go through that again.
Her dreams were forgotten for a reason.
There is no second chance for one true love.

This is a lovely standalone shifter romance filled with adventure in the bestselling Lords of Atlantis series. It contains steamy love scenes, vivid undersea battles, a forbidden island filled with plucky castaways, and the kraken! Dive into the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle with these wily warriors of the sea.

“I want you to have a happy life,” Dannika said. “Just not with me. Because no matter what you say, Eliot was my soul mate, and now he’s gone. And that’s it for me. I had my greatest love, and it’s over. Forever.”
This was the crux for her.
“Dannika.” Ciran rested both palms on top of hers. The hard metal band of her wedding ring pressed into his hand. “Your husband was a good man. I do not doubt you were soul mates. If he were still here, I would not be. Your soul would resonate for him and him only.”
Moisture shimmered in her eyes. She swallowed hard and sniffed. “I don’t know why I’m so affected. You’re only repeating what I’ve been saying.”
“Because it is validating for another to affirm you are right. And you are. I do not argue with your love.”
She sniffed. “But?”
“Yes. But.” He squeezed her hands. “Eliot has passed into the blacknight sea, where the males gone before him eternally sing of his honors. And you are here. On the surface.” He pressed both palms to his chest again. “Your soul resonates with mine. It does not matter what you or I want. This is what is.”
She swallowed again. “But why?”
“I do not know.”
She choked and sniffed. “You seem to know everything else.”
“No. But I do know that every moment you deny our connection, your soul darkens. Every time you declare that you are undeserving, you weaken your inner self.”
“Because this is impossible…”
“When the sacred islands were full across the ocean, and each city had its own customs, large families were normal. If a warrior’s soul mate died, no laws prevented a warrior from seeking a second.”
“But did they? Your records are incomplete.”
“I cannot be the first warrior in all the millennia to claim a bride who has once loved a human.” He tilted his head in concession. “But if I am, then I hope to make the right decisions now to bring our races into closer alignment.”
She sniffed again. “I just don’t know.”
“You doubt our connection. But I do not. Trust in me.” He vowed upon his own soul. “Until all your doubts fade, I will have confidence for both of us. And when you fully accept my claim, you will never doubt again.”
She took a deep, shuddery breath and let it out. “So I have to embrace those fears and they’ll melt away?”
“Embrace your strength. Embrace your destiny. Embrace me.”
Her gaze traveled over his face, from his hairline to his dark brows, across his nose, and centered on his lips. Hers parted, and her breath had a catch.
Her soul glowed with power.
She wanted him. He wanted her. She cared about his warriors and the future of the mer, and so did he. She listened and thought and worried. And so did he.
The moment stretched.
He would follow her to Florida, he would follow her to New York, he would follow her to every land in the world.
But perhaps he would not have to.
All she had to do was yield.
Give in to what her own soul knew that it wanted—needed—and embrace him with a kiss.

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Series: Lords of Atlantis #8
Genre: Mermen, Shifters, Steamy Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2020
Pages: 390
Contributors: Starla Night
ISBN13: 978-1-943110-29-2

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