Secrets of the Sea Lord


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He is lithe, gorgeous, and his kisses taste like rain. But how can I be his queen? I don’t even have a country.

Harmony is terrified when she awakens on a raft in the middle of the ocean with a deadly, tattooed Lord of the Sea hulking over her. But she quickly realizes he’s the one who saved her from the storm — and that joining his undersea world is the only way she’ll survive.

Mer warlord Faier dreads his bride’s terror as she stares on   his wrecked body. A lifetime of honorable service has destroyed his ability to woo a mate.

… Or can the purehearted  female look past his scars when she willingly takes his muscled arm?

This star-crossed pair is stranded deep in forbidden territory. Their foe has no compunction about killing Faier and taking Harmony. Because, according to the ancient laws, Faier is the true enemy. Until a long-buried secret changes everything…

A warrior chained by duty. A bride who refuses any claim. A secret that lurks in the deep…

Faier kept his rescued female safe in the raft through the long, stormy night.

In the dawn, the wind calmed and the rain abated. The swells flattened.

He shuddered, releasing his stuck muscles, and sat up.

His rescued female was asleep.

The rise and fall of her chest was so … so … human. She was a tan beige. Human skin came in many colors.

But what was this?

A darker bruise swelled her forehead. A sticky red scab marred the back of her head. Both sets of lashes creased in puffy black eyes. Her soft lips had swollen and split.

The wreckage continued.

Long purple bruises the size of a man’s fingers closed around her throat. Greenish black and painful yellow splotches marked her skin beneath the edges of her dress. Small nicks and cuts abraded her knuckles, elbows, forearms. Yellow finger marks encircled her wrists.

Had the storm done this? Or was she a warrior? Humans had warriors. Like the Coast Guard captain.

He stroked a new scar. A pink line creased her damp cheek. Her skin felt so different from his. Soft and female.

She moaned and tilted her head to follow his touch.

Faier curled his hands into fists. He must not touch her. The captain had called her the girlfriend of the gangster. He must have lost his senses to throw her over the side of the boat. Had he given her this beating?

Anger stirred Faier’s heart.

He turned the helpless feeling into a useful channel.

She would be hungry when she woke. Her body was malnourished.

Faier dipped his arm the water, feeling the currents. He crouched to dive in.

She moaned. Her lashes fluttered.

He stopped.

She struggled to rise. “Lif … Lifay…”


He leaned close and spoke in English. “You have your life.”

“Sorr … so sorry.” She sucked in a shuddering breath, and her lashes opened to reveal stunning gray-green eyes the color of a lagoon kissed by sunlight. “Oh. You’re not Lifet.”


“Coast Guard?”

“They chase your drug smuggler, Lifet.”

She closed her eyes and smiled. Her soul light burned sharp white with relief. She laughed. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“You are wel—”

She threw her arms around his shoulders and covered his mouth with her lips.


She kissed him.

Her lips were cool and thick and expressive. She sank into his embrace. Her tongue teased his seam.

He opened to her.

She tasted like freedom and abandon, sunrise and sunset and every hour in between. She tasted like new endings and old beginnings. She tasted like female.

Her tongue slipped between his shocked lips and delved into his mouth.


His cock flooded with pounding heat

She sucked on his tongue. Nibbled his lips. Teased his teeth.

Everywhere she touched, fiery hunger erupted.

More. He needed more.

She consumed his mouth, drinking the safety he represented just as he drank in her feminine wildness. She was every unpredictable thing, every wild current, every beautiful flicker of a distant fin.

And then she released him and collapsed on the raft, limp. Her soul light dimmed. She fell unconscious with sleep.

He gripped the edges of the raft so hard, the wood cracked and his knuckles whitened.

A hard erection stiffened his thick cock.

She was his bride. His one and only mate. Mine.

He would protect her with his life. Challenge monsters above and beneath the waves. Behind his shield, her bruises would heal and her skin would smooth with health. He would wrap her in his faithful protection, and she would never hurt again.


Faier and Harmony will capture your heart and soul and turn you inside out in the best way possible. Their romance is rough and kind and sweet as well as smoldering. Its impossibly good!

If you love a great merman romance with adventure and a HEA then this story is for you.

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Saved by the Sea Lord

Saved by the Sea Lord

Hazel brushed the tattoos on Lotar’s sternum. “These have a meaning, right? What does this one mean?”
“It is the symbol of my city.”
“My origin city. Syrenka.”
She traced the lines up. The snowflake pattern branched into geometric shapes. Smaller hashes and squares divided each square. “Where’s Syrenka?”
The steam of the shower wrapped them in slippery fog.
She was still terrified about what accepting Lotar would mean. The fate of the mermen would rest on her small shoulders.
But she had already decided.
She’d decided when she’d brought him back to her apartment.
The door was there. She’d already opened it.
Now she just had to walk through.
Hazel lowered her hand and forced herself to look up into his deep, watchful eyes. “What happens now?”
“You accept my claim.”
“I thought I did.”
“With a kiss.”
Right. She’d gotten him naked and seen everything but still hadn’t shared a kiss.
Hazel did everything out of order.
Whatever. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she took the next step.
Her stomach filled with butterflies. She was ready. She chose this. She chose him.
Hazel closed her eyes and lifted her lips.

She opened her eyes.
Lotar looked conflicted.
A dark frown slashed his brow. His worried gaze fixed on her lips and all his muscles flexed, taut, as he struggled.
When he noticed her question, he blinked as though trying to clear away his emotions, concealing an internal fight behind the quiet, impassive watchfulness.
He’d said she was his soul mate. He knew. And the next step was to kiss…
“Okay, well.” She patted his chest. “When you want to do that, let me know.”
She turned away to shut off the water.
Lotar’s hand closed over her wrist.
He pulled her back, gently but decisively.
Haha, okay, maybe she had misread him. “Oh, hey, you—”
His mouth covered hers in a kiss.
The shower pattered on her back. The scent of vanilla and cardamom mixed with sea salt and male.
Heat streaked through her body.
He was all muscle, hardness and pride, strength and dominance.
His mouth opened, and his tongue sought hers.
She licked his intoxicating male flavor, lapped up every drop, teasing his mouth, delving and swirling, nibbling.
His hand at her wrist tightened and the heat of his body crossed the last inch to draw her against him. Her thigh slid against his, her belly pressed his upper hip, her breasts slid against his chest.
He pursued her mouth doggedly. She teased him, swirling and looping until he released her lips. Then she bit his sharp jaw with little nips and grazed her teeth across his rough chin.
He sucked in a breath.
Her nipples tightened to hard pearls, and desire streaked into her center.
He was quiet but expressive. Ready but uncertain.
And that was just fine.
She kissed down the column of his neck, over the cord of the spiral shell necklace, to his collarbone. So broad, so powerful. Down his pectorals, over the swirling tattoos. Like kissing ice fields, but hot and trembling. This was as meaningful to him as it was to her. After tonight, their lives would never be the—
He caught her wrists, stopping her.
Uncertainty flashed in his eyes.
No, not uncertainty.
He stared at her with absolute terror.
Had she gotten it all wrong?


Hazel looked up at him, worry tilting her head. “Are you okay?”
He nodded.
Because he was. He was more than okay.
His soul mate opened her body to him, pressed her soft form to his, accepted, and even covered him with hungry kisses. She wanted his claim. His kiss, his caress, his touch.
It was a dream.
And yet.
His heart pounded as if a pack of angry bull sharks had scented him.
Hazel was so open. So confident in the moment of melding their bodies to create a young fry. Easy and yet serious, playful and yet passionate. She was a pure and beautiful soul.
He must protect her.
From danger, from injury.
From himself.