Saved by the Sea Lord

Saved coverTitle: Saved by the Sea Lord
Series: Lords of Atlantis #9
Genre: , ,


She had one crazy idea…

Mermen just emerged from the oceans seeking their soul mates to save their race.
Their arrival threw both worlds into chaos.
Centuries of secrecy were torn aside in an instant.
And while the humans are doing okay?
The mer rulers are furious at the rebels who exposed their race.
The rebels have formed their own city. Atlantis.
And the rulers of the other cities?
They’re about to go to war.

…So why not throw a party?

Hazel, the program manager at, was just talking out loud.
But her boss—who just married a merman—thinks it’s a great idea.
Which is seriously gratifying. Nobody loves an underdog like Hazel. She usually is the underdog.
So long as someone else is in charge?
That person will have to infiltrate closed undersea cities, convince the aging, childless warriors that their future mates are just around the figurative corner, and avoid a massive, recently-released, just-feeling-her-undersea-oats kraken (who can cause a tidal wave by changing direction).
No problem.
Then, the warrior in charge shows up.
He’s dangerous, capable, and off-the-charts hot. Not an ounce of fat is on his bulging, gray-tattooed muscle. Silent, spooky, gorgeous. Lotar towers over Hazel like a force of nature. Even the kraken had better watch out.
He’s in town to find his soul mate. Because while this unstoppable warrior can get into any undersea city, he doesn’t speak. Ever. His soul mate will have to do all the talking.
There’s only one problem.
It looks like Hazel might be his soul mate.

Go on the road trip of your lives in this super fun aquatic adventure! Revisit favorite cities, devoted warriors, and their powerful queens. This full-length novel is a delight for new readers as well as old. And one woman learns that sometimes, crazy ideas just might work—when she’s paired with a warrior who believes.

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