Onyx Dragons: Pyrochlore


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“You must marry a human female in two weeks, or return to Draconis and take the claw of Empress Horribus.”

Bad boy dragon VP, Pyrochlore “Pyro” Onyx, would rather marry a hundred women than spend one second back on his home planet surrounded by stuffed shirts who look down on his family.

How hard can ensnaring a human bride be?

There’s one intriguing female following him around right now, studying him through binoculars and licking her soft, kissable lips…

Starving student teacher Amy agreed to stalk the dangerous dragon shifter in exchange for free cookies, but the hardest part of her new duties is remembering that the panties-droppingly hot male is her enemy.

Especially when he whisks her to Vegas for one very indecent proposal.

Sure, she’s only one truant away from losing her internship, but putting her hands on the gorgeous, forbidden shifter muscles she’s fantasized about from afar is so deliciously tempting…

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a passionate teacher who can teach the bad boy a thing or two. Get abducted by this devilish dragon today!

He nuzzled her. She closed her eyes and tilted her chin. Inviting him. Seducing him.
Confusing him.
He nipped her lips, trying to tease a reaction from her. “You’re lying here. No reactions.”
Her lashes fluttered. “Oh. Sorry.”
He pushed up onto one hand, putting real space between them. “You’re sorry.”
“Yes. I … it’s my fault.” She rose and one hand covered her face. “It’s embarrassing, but, you kiss me and I sort of lose my senses. I want to remember everything. I get stuck.”
“No experience with kisses?”
Her embarrassment deepened. “I told you. I was busy in college. It’s not an excuse, but … okay, it is an excuse. I thought true love would happen later, so I wasn’t looking, and it never came my way. Until now. This is all new. I want to experience everything.”
He didn’t know how to proceed. “You want me to stop.”
“No. But you are moving kind of fast. It’s overwhelming.”
He was overwhelming her.
Can you really please a woman? His sister’s snort of disbelief returned to him like an accusation.
He tucked Amy into the crook of his elbow.
“You’re stopping?” Disappointment threaded her tone.
He nuzzled her. “I’m going at your pace.”
She looked up in confusion.
“This is new to you. Right? Lying next to a guy, watching a movie.”
She nodded.
“Then, when you’re ready, you kiss me.”
“I kiss you?”
“I’ll be waiting.”
Her gaze turned to the screen. “You’ll miss the movie.”
“I’ve seen it a hundred times. I won’t miss a thing, I guarantee it.”
Her heart rate spiked. He could hear it thundering out of control in her chest.
He felt a matching excitement.
Had he ever laid back and received a woman’s kiss? He’d been surprised by kisses before, but as soon as they were initiated, he took over and performed.
Being the recipient, enjoying the touch of a female, was a pleasure he’d overlooked before. With Amy, he would have this new experience.
With her, he’d have every new experience.
She trailed a hand over his bicep and forearm. “You’re toned. You must work out.”
“Low body fat and high dragon metabolism.”
Her interested gaze trailed up his body to his lips. Enticing him like a magnet, willing him to take over the seduction. Take control. Make her the passive recipient.
He stuck a hand behind his head to reinforce that he would lie back and wait.
She slowly, with determination, lowered her head.
Their lips touched.
Her lips were soft, sweet, and they trembled. He was aware, for the first time, of the full sensation of her plump mouth. Her forearms rested on his chest. Her delicate breath ghosted his cheek.
Each sensation was new. Distinct.
She nibbled on his lips, hesitant, like she was exploring and trying to duplicate the movements he had so mindlessly used on her.
His arousal increased like she’d reached her hand around his cock and squeezed. He groaned.
She lifted her head. Surprise shone in her eyes. Then, pride.
Pride was right. She’d gotten him hot from bare contact. Mostly anticipation.
She lowered her head again and, with a little more confidence, explored his mouth.
A kiss had never tasted so full, so sensual. So exquisite and yet oddly satisfying.
Normally he wouldn’t think of stopping until his partner was thoroughly sated and so was he. But for the first time, he felt something purer than a physical connection. Something deeper than destiny. Passion this intense couldn’t be explored in a single hour. Maybe not even a single night.
He would go at her pace. He would become a male she could rely on. He would … he would commit. Just because committing had cost him once didn’t mean he was afraid. He feared nothing. He would make love to Amy with total faith.
And when his guard was down, she could grab his heart in both hands and destroy him.