Onyx Dragons: Kyanite


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Smokin’ hot dragon shifters have no idea what to do with these curvy Earth females — but claiming them as mates will change the universe!

Scarred dragon shifter Kyanite “Kyan” Onyx is the security officer of the Onyx Corporation. Used to working in the shadows, this deadly mercenary has no time for a political marriage to the Empress of his home planet, Draconis. But what choice does he have? No female will ever look at his battered body with desire.

Nursing intern Laura has never seen a warrior as hard, as capable, as protective as Kyan. When an unknown enemy turns her into a target, she naturally runs for shelter in his bulging arms. But even her hottest kiss can’t melt the ice around his heart.

Fighting passion and dangers, Laura may be exactly what Kyan needs to begin a new age of dragon-human harmony — or she may be the means to destroy it.

This is a complete standalone novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a warrior who believes he’s beyond redemption. Must love dragons!

“I need you.”
He hardened again. “You don’t need me.”
“I do.” She brushed his lips with her kiss.
He froze — just like the other times — and then he shoved her back.
She stumbled, catching herself. Hurt flashed in her heart. He rejected her. Again.
She should apologize.
But she couldn’t
“If you don’t want me, then you have to let me go,” she cried.
His blue eyes flew wide.
“I need someone who won’t reject me. Who will give me the touch I need!”
“Touch?” His lips curled in a barely contained snarl. “Do you know what I want to do to you? What it is taking all my will to avoid?”
No, she didn’t know.
His tortured gaze seared her body like liquid flames. She felt his desire. Without his trench coat, the profile of his jeans showed the hard mass of his cock and she finally understood he wasn’t rejecting her because he didn’t want her. He was rejecting her because he didn’t want himself.
He tore his gaze away and clenched his fists, staring at the stone with self-loathing. “Now, you understand.”
She wanted to go to him. But he would only reject her again and again.
How much rejection could one heart take?
If she could persevere then could she break through his barriers and reach Kyan in his core? In his damaged heart?
She wasn’t good at braving disapproval. Even before her great mistake, making solo decisions had lodged her heart in her throat. She always choked.
Acting on her true desires was her first step in becoming the person she wanted to be.
Kyan was worth it.
She took a tentative step toward him.
As she’d predicted, he lifted a hand in the “stop” gesture.
Yes, the rejection stung.
She swallowed and took another step.
“Don’t come any closer.”
And another step.
His voice broke. “Please.”
And another.
Then, she stood at his broad shoulders, so powerful and capable, now slumped in defeat. She rested a palm on his shoulder.
He was her choice.
Kyan fixed on her. No longer fierce, his anger had drained, marinating her in sadness. He grieved for not being a male who deserved her love.
But he did deserve it.
“I’m not afraid of you,” she said, again.
“You don’t understand what I want.”
“Then make it clear.”
His brows drew together. His voice was softer than she’d ever heard it. “I will wreck you.”
She cupped his wide jaw. “I’m not afraid.”