Onyx Dragons Boxed Set Books 1-3


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Sexy dragon shifter billionaires from space need ordinary Earth women to marry, bear their dragonlets, and save them from a fate worse than death!
This first boxed set includes three Onyx Dragons novels plus an exclusive bonus short story.

Cheryl’s boss is smokin’ hot. He’s a sexy dragon shifter from space and his growly voice sets her fantasies on fire. But when he demands that she marry him, the shy intern doesn’t know whether to run from his sizzling kisses…or give in!

Bad boy dragon shifter “Pyro” is an all-too-easy subject for elementary student teacher Amy to study, but when he whisks her off to Vegas, their lessons turn positively indecent.

The protective, scarred dragon shifter prowling her hospital is full of dark secrets, but sunny nurse-in-training Laura would love to light up his life—if he’ll let her in.

Each full novel is a linked standalone with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a fully satisfying happily-ever-after. Contains virgins, abductions, and first-contact fun!
It also includes the happily-ever-after short stories “Mal’s First Birthday,” “Pyro’s Wedding Day,” and “Kyan’s Housewarming Party” as well as the bonus story “The Ultrasound” that’s exclusive to this boxed set.

Let these dragon shifters from space abduct you!