Onyx Dragons: Amber


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He’s the only man who threatens my inner peace.
And losing my temper would mean war.

Amber is a calm, buttoned-up accountant until someone brings out her inner dragon.
And the one who always threatens to do it?
A gorgeous, tantalizing man.
Darcy’s totally incapable of handling her when she shifts. How can he tease her so fearlessly? He tempts her to break out of her carefully controlled life, but losing her temper would endanger her family.
She can’t break the dragon-human treaty on this fragile planet, Earth.
Better to button up and hide away from this relentless human who seems just as determined to chase her…

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes, a twist on the old fairy tale “tower rescue” scene, and a debonair hero who will do anything to convince his superpowered heroine that he loves her just the way she is. Must love dragons!

The two of them remained at the mouth of a dark alley. The emergency crews had left.
Amber looked hurt, confused, and upset.
Darcy had to ease her pain. With anyone else, it would be easy. But with Amber, he always stumbled with his left foot.
Still, he had to try.
He stepped forward and offered his elbow. “So. Drinks?”
Her fiery gaze narrowed. “Did you really want to?”
“Get a drink with you? Yes.”
She tilted her head, eyes narrowed. “You’ll make fun of me.”
“You always do.”
He bumped her shoulder with his. “I never make fun of you.”
“You’re doing it right now.”
“By … everything. Your smile, the way you touch me like you’re not afraid of…” Her honey-gold gaze traveled down his body lighting him on fire.
His cock tugged in his trousers. Could she sense the desire? He wanted to pull her into his arms, clear away the confusion, and tease her into ecstasy.
Her lips parted and then she shook herself. “I can’t deal with you tonight.”
“Then I have a proposal.” He set his feet, drew her hands into his, and splayed his thumbs across the cool knuckles. “You want to get a drink?”
She tipped her head.
“But going with me is a hassle because I’m ‘always joking’?”
Her nod was more assertive. “It’s exhausting. I have to second-guess everything you say.”
“Fine. My proposal?” He pressed the back of her hand to his lips and then rested her palm on his heart. “Take me seriously.”
“How can I? You’re always treating me like my brother Mal treats his human wife, Cheryl. Like you want to touch or kiss me. Or—”
“Or seduce you?”
“Right, or initiate sex, which is a joke because I’m a female dragon and no one purposefully approaches a female dragon for sex. No one.”
“Amber.” His voice roughened in his throat. He held her gaze captive like her fingers to his hard chest. “Tonight, believe.”

Where’s Amber’s bonus story?

She doesn’t have one. I was typing away at her bonus story and then I realized that it would work better if I folded it into the final chapter. Usually I write bonuses that are months or years after the events of the books, but hers was just a couple weeks later. So, that’s why she has no bonus. But never say never! I might sneak one in somewhere.

You can see her living happily ever after with Darcy in Alex’s book, which also features Darcy’s sister Nicole!