Enslaved by the Sea Lord


Tattooed mer-shifters are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!

First Lieutenant Soren burns for icy Aya, but his dark past now threatens all of Atlantis. Aya must show the harsh warrior that he’s worthy of love – and claim her own power – before their city is destroyed by an ancient nemesis.

Aya is determined to save her family’s company and her favorite cousin, Elyssa, even though it means confronting the dark, powerful lieutenant who always gets under her skin. When her masterful plan ends in disaster, Soren is there to save her life—by turning her into a mermaid queen. Now she can’t get away from the hard-bodied warrior. And the more time she spends in his bulging arms, the less she wants to try…

The queens of Atlantis must rise. Their enemies will stop at nothing to destroy the fragile mer-human partnerships, including awakening an ancient monster that inhales cities. Locked in Soren’s deadly past is a secret to save them all—and only Aya holds its key.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! Also, it features steamy mer shifter love scenes, epic undersea battles, and a crotchety giant cephalopod named Octopus Kong. It can easily be read on its own but you will enjoy it even more if you read the rest in the series. Fall in love with these warriors of the sea!

“I’m feeling strange urges I can’t control.”

He focused on her with his full, heart-stopping intensity. A woman could get lost in his burning gaze. Those hardened cheeks. That inflexible mouth.

Down lower, toward his—

“Aya.” His growl drew her attention up where it belonged. On his suddenly smoldering gaze. “Urges like what?”

Urges to save her company a half-million dollar repair fee.

Urges to taste the male who had teased her with a soft brush of his lips, and now teased her to do so very much more.

Urges to give into the temptations she ordinarily denied herself.

This was how mistakes got made. This was how people got hurt and projects got destroyed. This was how she convinced herself to go home alone night after night. Always alone.

She was different now. Transformed.

Aya could be anyone she wanted.

“Urges like this.” She lifted her lips to his hard mouth and lost herself in his kiss.

Series: Lords of Atlantis #3
Genre: Mermen, Shifters, Steamy Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 29, 2017
Pages: 288
Contributors: Starla Night
ISBN13: 978-1-943110-14-8

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