Carnelian Dragons: Syenite


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Evalina is bold. Sparkly. Human.
Her pink lips curve in easy, irresistible smiles.
Her hips sway in soft lace and dark velvet.
She could have any male in this crowded bar, but she reaches her hand out to Syen, inviting him, just for a moment, to forget himself.

But his enemies haven’t forgotten. Loving Evalina puts her into danger–but she’s also the key to freeing him once and for all.

This is a heartfelt standalone novella in the USA Today bestselling paranormal 7 Virgin Brides for 7 Weredragon Billionaires series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, and total dragon shifter satisfaction! Grab your favorite cocktail and settle in for a quick, sexy evening of scales and sparkles.

Chapter 1

Someday, your prince will come, Eva’s grandmother had promised while painting her little ten-year-old nails with magical purple sparkles. And he won’t forget your birthday like your snot-for-brains father.

But someday never came.

For two decades.

Eva stumbled to the student bar and raised her rainbow-sparkle fingernails. In comparison to the kids jostling around her, she felt ridiculously old. “One ‘Unicorn Farts’ cocktail, please.”

Tonight’s bartender, her fellow part-time art school teacher Chloe, shouted. “What?”

“Unicorn Farts!” Eva shouted back. The techno music pounded in her skull and she hadn’t even tasted alcohol yet. “Extra glitter!”

“A single?”

“Like always.”

Chloe slid the rainbow-cream drink, topped with whipped cream and multi-color sanding sugar, to her. “Where’s your date?”

“He couldn’t make it.”

Chloe’s smile faltered.

No. They were not feeling pity today of all days.

Eva lifted her credit card. “Start my tab!”

“Forget that!” Chloe leaned forward so she could lower her voice to a normal volume. “Happy birthday.”


Eva tasted her drink to hide her cringe. Smooth, creamy, sweet. Delicious birthday cake vodka burned her tongue. “Thanks!”

Chloe pointed to the crowded floor where their friends were dancing. “Everyone’s waiting to celebrate!”


Chloe headed to serve the next customer.

Eva squeezed free of the bar.

All her friends were expecting her to bring a date. And she’d gone to drastic measures to ensure she would. Ensure she wasn’t stuck on the sidelines, waving cheerfully whenever anyone glanced in her direction, pretending she wasn’t watching her skinny friends hook up with envy.

No. She couldn’t handle friends right now.

Eva turned away from the dance floor and swigged her drink. Her fluorescent pink lipstick glowed on the rim. The bar was ringed with black lights.

Maybe it was the unicorn sparkles talking, but a new idea struck her like a shiny horn between the eyes.

She was at a bar. How hard was it to pick up a date at a bar?

Seriously. How hard was it? She’d never had the guts to try.

Someday, your prince will come.

Sorry, Grandma, but he’d had his chance. Two decades’ worth. Time for Eva to take matters into her own hands.

She took a deeper drink. How many shots were in this glass? Not enough. Ah, there it was. Liquid courage sizzled into her veins.

She scanned the bar.

Kids — or, she should say, students — filled the tables and bopped in the open spaces.

Oh, wait. The guy leaning against the grungy pillar. He had promise.

Chiseled jaw, bulging biceps, icy demeanor. Reflective sunglasses hid his eyes — indoors, in a bar, at night? Mysterious. And hot. The dark black-on-black suit whispered mystery.

Most importantly, he looked over the age of thirty. An adult. And no girlfriend hung off his arm.


He casually surveyed the bar like he was checking out the clientele, not like he was looking for anyone in particular. And he wasn’t drinking, but hopefully that wouldn’t be a problem.

She marched up to him. It was quieter next to the pillar. She wouldn’t have to scream in his face to be heard.

The man focused on her. Probably. It was impossible to tell with those reflective shades.

“Hi!” She waved. “I noticed you’re alone. I’m alone too. Today’s my thirtieth birthday. Want to be my birthday date?”

This novella was originally released free to newsletter subscribers! It was significantly revised and is now published. Enjoy!

This audiobook is one of the few that’s narrated by me! It was super fun and I’d love to do it again.

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