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I am a lesser from a servant world.
But even before I was taken?
There was no rescue for me.
The night sky isn’t the only place that’s filled with darkness.
And cages look different, but they’re all the same.
I might be fragile as glass, but I shielded my daughter with my own body. I’ll withstand these brutal aliens.
Their leader. The one who has blades in his wrists and a fractured look in his eyes? I’m all that stands between him and Earth.
But now I think I have the advantage.
Because he sees through me, which means he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him.
And I’m not afraid of anything.
This glass holds oceans. Planets. Stars.
Just try and make me break.

*** Contains unique alien shifters, fierce passion, and loyal warriors who find their fated mates in the stars. Each full-length book is a complete romance with an epic happily-ever-after. Claim your conqueror today!

~ Excerpt ~

I lean forward and cup his flaccid cock. “Plenty of time for this.”

He pauses.

Another long rumble shakes the room. I feel it all the way under my tongue.

Nine clicks until the end of the world.

He flicks his silver gaze at me. “I could cut off your hand before you could blink. I could carve you into small pieces and make a mosaic out of your decaying body. I could peel off your face and wear it for a mask and give Sewar new nightmares.”

“You don’t have time for that.” I hold him more firmly. “But you do have time for sex.”

His eyes narrow. “Why haven’t you learned fear?”

“You said you weren’t going to kill me.”

“I never said that.”

“You haven’t yet.” I squeeze.

He caps the cream, tosses it in the medical kit, then picks me up at the waist and sets me on the platform. The movement causes my hand to drop from his body. He rests his palms on either side of me and looms over me, his silver eyes circled with a thin black line.

“You’re infected with our lusteal. But so long as I have this,” he thumps his clear mask, “I don’t sense it. There’s no way for your sickness to enter my blood. And I don’t need it. I’m sick enough already. Be a good lesser and sit tight. Someone will rescue you shortly.” He moves back to the medical kit. His voice lowers to a mutter as he dabs ointment on the black bruises crossing his chest in the pattern as the laser fire he took. “A real hero.”

“What’s lusteal?”

“The metal required for us ‘sexless’ Arrisans to breed.”

I scoot closer. “You could breed with me.”

“This isn’t the arena.”

“It could be.” Seven clicks until the end of the world. “How is it at the arena?”

“I wouldn’t know. Engineers don’t go. We’re not worthy.”

“Then this is your chance.”

“Forbidden knowledge is the only knowledge worth having. But I don’t care for this. The cost is too high.” But his eyes drift, almost unwillingly, to my lower regions.

“I could teach you.” I pull off my pants and underwear. They pool at the floor next to his suit. Then I lick my fingers. “Did you want to know?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’ll show you.” I wet my palm and spread the saliva between my fingertips. “Humans have sex every day. I know all about it. And after I teach you, then you, too—”

He moves lightning fast.

His hand closes around my jaw, his mouth separated from mine by the thinnest sheet of form-fitting clear plastic. His eyes flash and his lips curl back to reveal even, white teeth. “Arrisans eat planets like yours. We enslave your people. We suck the very marrow out of your bones, and here you are, offering your body like I can’t just take it and destroy it if I want to. The other humans infected with our lusteal knew their place. They feared me. Where is your fear?”

Fear is an instinct of self-preservation.

And although he’s gripping my jaw, it’s not hard enough to bruise. He’s not strangling my neck.

He said I have a sickness.

But I knew that already.

A healthy person would feel fear.

I curl my wet fingers around his cock.

He gives me a little shake. “I don’t sense your lusteal, lesser. Touching me does nothing…”

His cock hardens in my hand.

He stares at a spot over my shoulder, and his jaw moves side to side as if he’s mulling over a surprising turn of events.

His cock, formerly small and flaccid, grows and grows, firming in my palm with girth.

He focuses on me again. “How did you do that?”

“You forgot something.” I hook my leg around his thigh. “Another way chemicals can enter your body.”

“Which is?”

“Through your largest organ.” I slide my presumably infected saliva up and down his solid length. “Your skin.”

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