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I am a lesser from a servant world.
But even before I was taken?
There was no rescue for me.
The night sky isn’t the only place that’s filled with darkness.
And cages look different, but they’re all the same.
I might be fragile as glass, but I shielded my daughter with my own body. I’ll withstand these brutal aliens.
Their leader. The one who has blades in his wrists and a fractured look in his eyes? I’m all that stands between him and Earth.
But now I think I have the advantage.
Because he sees through me, which means he doesn’t see what’s right in front of him.
And I’m not afraid of anything.
This glass holds oceans. Planets. Stars.
Just try and make me break.

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Our bodies move together in the dim half-light of this secret room in his spaceship.

It’s quiet here.

Far from the noise of the engineering office, the bustle of officers on the bridge.

He caresses my nape, draws a finger down my curved spine, grips my hip to better align our bodies for his thrust. And I push to deepen every sensual undulation as he fills my pool of longings, eases my aches, quiets my silent screaming. In his gray arms, I am not a woman anymore. I am nothing but desperate hungers finally being fed.

“Do you love me?” His voice is edgy in the half-darkness. His breath ghosts across my shoulder, shivering with unintentional dominance, thready with buried need. “Do you love me now?”

But this crazed and broken man does not know what love is. The concept doesn’t exist in his celibate, highly controlled race. During this coupling I’ve pushed on him, he tries to understand me, who he rules over.

And he does this only because he too is searching for what he’s supposed to become. He was crushed to pieces by his people. By their rules. He’s no longer an obedient cog in their machine. They haven’t realized it yet, but they will, and then he will face consequences.

How long can a person survive beneath a suspended blade?

How long can you walk on the empty shore, knowing at any moment the unnatural tide will return and the thundering tsunami will wipe out everything beneath you—and there’s nothing you can do to save it?

The unsteady danger is present in his fractured irises, in the surgically embedded blades twitching beneath his wrists, in the way he nibbles on my soft shoulder even though touch is forbidden.

“Do you love me?”

I bite my lip.

And yet, my moans burst through as another body-convulsing orgasm floods me.

I was the one who started this.

It was easy to answer his question then.

No, I do not love you. No, humans can share bodies without sharing feelings. No, this attraction is only chemical. Remove it and there is nothing between us.

That was before.

Now, I remain quiet.

Because I’m terrified of what will change when I say yes.

Download the bonus scene “Lia’s Wedding” where Lia shows just how much she’s changed (it’s wonderfully satisfying!).

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