SOOOO apparently my emails for the bonus epilogues have been broken for a month. I’ve just gotten off the phone with tech support and they can’t figure out what’s wrong either — they’ve sent it up to developers who are only in the office during the weekdays. Since I want to make sure EVERY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER can get these bonuses AT ANY TIME, I am posting the direct links here and on Facebook until the technical issue is resolved. I can’t imagine the frustration you must have been feeling at clicking those links and having nothing happen. Thanks so much to everyone who reported it and made me aware of the issue!!!

I am furiously writing Faier’s bonus epilogue now so it will be ready on release day for newsletter subscribers. And I was putting the last touches on his ARCs before this unwelcome surprise interrupted me. :S If ARCs don’t go out in the next two hours then they will go out Monday. Assuming my email is working!

Here are direct links to all the epilogues:

Thanks again for your understanding!!!

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