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It’s a routine mission. Hunt down the ones who dared – dared – steal our sacred procreation metal from us, the rulers of the empire.

The Arrisans conquered Earth in a day. They smashed into our helpless planet like a wrecking ball, and overnight, everything changed.

That’s what our history books say.

The truth is, I’ve never seen an Arrisan face-to-face. But when my lone medical ship is attacked by ruthless pirates, the nightmare that hunts them down is no hero. Cloaked in assassin’s gray, metal scythes fused to his wrist-bones, he is the grim reaper of the conquerors. The Arrisan elite special forces. A blade.

Luckily for me, he’s in a good mood now that he’s the last man standing in the blood-soaked ruins of my bridge, so he lets me live. After all, I’m just a lesser. Clearly I’m no threat.

Until his body starts reacting to mine…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love, love, loved this book!”

A quick excerpt:

I expected to feel the compulsion of lust again inside this room.
However the pirates passed the metal aphrodisiac from their stolen cargo to this lesser, it should have left residues in this room. On their bodies.
But I feel nothing.
Somehow, they deposited the lusteal within her without leaving a trace.
What does it mean?
More questions pile up.
There is a strange ache in the base of my spine just above my hips.
Questions like why don’t bother me very often.
But I am also never trapped for two hours until I’m picked up with a creature I can’t trust or assaulted by impulses I can’t understand.
I am a blade. I am control. I fear nothing. Others fear me.
There is no more to be gleaned from investigating this room.
“Did you call the captain’s pod back?” she asks as I pass, giving her a wide berth as always.
“No?” Her pitch rises, and she lurches. “Why—”
I whirl. Bracers up, hood down, fingers spread so my blades are obvious and crossed.
She stops abruptly.
A long beat passes.
“S-sorry.” She flashes a shaky grin and fists the shimmery blue fabric, drawing it tight against her thighs. “I just tripped. I didn’t mean to startle you.”
I am not startled.
But I did not reach my position by being easily misled.
“I was just hoping we could call the pods back before they get too far away.”
I rise slowly. “No.”
“Did the attackers do something to the controls?”
It’s doubtful. “Control of the pods has been routed away from the bridge.”
She blinks slowly. Her eyes are large and an odd color. Black rims a sultry brown that deepens as it approaches her pupils. They contain peaks and valleys like a secret desert. “Routed away…to the captain’s pod? The captain is the only one who can control the magnet?”
“Can we communicate with her?”
The delicate frown returns. Thinking through the problem.
And then her stomach makes a cavernous noise. She covers her belly. “Do you mind if we visit the cafeteria? It’s where I was when the emergency lights went off. Where we all were.”
Perhaps it is dangerous to keep her behind me.
I gesture for her to go first.
She moves quickly to obey.
For the moment, I still have the edge.
Two edges.
She walks, breathes, bleeds like any other lesser.
I confirmed it when I applied the sealing ointment to her inner passage.
But something in her is different.
Even now, it is calling out to me.
Her scent curls around me.
She walks before me, weaponless, and yet she will chain my mind.
Compel my body to act.
Not again.
This time, I am prepared.
Even though she is giving all the signals of a defeated lessor—fear, submissive posture, overtures of friendship—she also fearlessly handled me, touched me beneath my suit, put me in her mouth. Thinking about it causes unnatural heat to flood the region again. I have to adjust my suit.
Two hours cannot pass fast enough.

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