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Dragon VIP: Pyrochlore

Smokin’ hot dragon shifters have no idea what to do with these sassy Earth females — but claiming them as mates will change the universe!

Bad boy dragon shifter Pyrochlore “Pyro” Onyx is the acting CEO of the Onyx Corporation — and for the smokin’ hot billionaire playboy, it definitely feels like an act. He has two weeks to save his family’s company from destruction and himself from an unwanted marriage to the Empress of his home planet, Draconis.

When he catches sweet, curvy Amy stalking his every move, a new feeling wars with his old cynicism. No matter the species, females want Pyro for only one thing. And it isn’t true love or faithfulness.

Super responsible second-grade teacher Amy should never have given in to her secret fantasies to stalk the gorgeous dragon, but in his presence, her self-control just snaps. And although he calls her naive, she’s not so innocent that she doesn’t know what she wants. Playing with the fiery male risks getting burned, but as dark forces gather, she could be his only salvation.

This is a complete novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a passionate teacher who can teach the bad boy a thing or two. Must love dragons!

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Stolen by the Sea Lord

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They stole his wife. His son. His honor. 

So he will steal them back.

Highly respect warlord Elan lost everything the night his son was born. Once a First Lieutenant, now a disgraced exile, he has no allegiance — except to her. And when his enemies are lulled, he takes his revenge.

Once she pledged her soul to this tattooed warrior. Now she knows the cost.

Zara nearly died the night she was taken from Elan. Forced to the surface and ordered to forget her year as a merman’s sacred bride, her shattered body mirrors her broken mind.

Then Elan emerges from the deep. He stands before her like a mirage. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, and all hers.

Or is he?


Elan’s enemies are relentless as the tide. And if Zara cannot save him, the ancient traditions will win — and the hope for mer and humans will be lost forever.


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Pyro’s Wedding Day

This is a super sweet “happily ever after” bonus short story for the full length steamy science fiction romance novel Dragon VIP: Pyrochlore. YOU REALLY MUST READ THAT BOOK FIRST!!!

Has bad boy dragon Pyro really reformed? Or will his craziness turn Amy’s sweet wedding dreams into an out-of-control, groomzilla nightmare?

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Dragon VIP: Kyanite

Smokin’ hot dragon shifters have no idea what to do with these curvy Earth females — but claiming them as mates will change the universe!

Scarred dragon shifter Kyanite “Kyan” Onyx is the security officer of the Onyx Corporation. Used to working in the shadows, this deadly mercenary has no time for a political marriage to the Empress of his home planet, Draconis. But what choice does he have? No female will ever look at his battered body with desire.

Nursing intern Laura has never seen a warrior as hard, as capable, as protective as Kyan. When an unknown enemy turns her into a target, she naturally runs for shelter in his bulging arms. But even her hottest kiss can’t melt the ice around his heart.

Fighting passion and dangers, Laura may be exactly what Kyan needs to begin a new age of dragon-human harmony — or she may be the means to destroy it.

This is a complete standalone novel with a happy ending! It features steamy dragon shifter love scenes and a warrior who believes he’s beyond redemption. Must love dragons!

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Dragon VIP Peridot

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Disgraced. Damaged. Dull.

Dragon-shifter Peridot has been called all that and more. Exiled to Earth, he will prove himself and answer his boss's question: What is the mysterious "spirit" of Christmas?

One woman can give him that answer. The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to forget his past and taste her forbidden sweetness...

Curvy. Klutzy. Cinnamon-scented.

Karmel knows all about silent longing. She's the queen of falling -- on her face, usually, in front of the guy she most wants to impress. But when a little Christmas magic turns Peridot into her rescuer, she suddenly discovers the ice-cold business dragon conceals a hot-blooded male within. And he's ready to make her sugar plums dance the cha-cha.

Except for one little thing...

Can Karmel teach Peridot the true meaning of Christmas, or are they both about to get burned?

* * *


Contains holiday spirits, cookie disasters, and mistletoe. Heat up the kitchen and unwrap this fun novella today!

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Lords of Atlantis Boxed Set #1-4

Tattooed mer-shifters are climbing out of the secret depths to claim their soul mates and save their race!

Mer and human. Human and mer. 
Like two sides of a drachma, our races were one.
Then, disaster.
A Great Catastrophe sank ancient Atlantis and plunged us into fiery war. Escaping into the depths, the mer lost their females. They had to forge a covenant with secret, sacred island brides to continue their race.
A thousand years passed. Humans forgot. The mer never did.
They existed only in our legends.
Until now.

Take the plunge and dive in to the USA Today bestselling series! Four breathtaking paranormal romances filled with yummy alpha warrior, daring heroines, friendly giant octopi, and lush underwater kingdoms.
For a limited time, this set contains the first four novels plus bonus epilogues plus an exclusive deleted scene. Happy reading! ~ Starla Night

Determined warlord Torun cannot wait to claim Lucy, who mistook him for a shipwreck survivor and pulled his injured body from the ocean. All his instincts tell him she is his soul mate. Now she must join with him and give him a child. 

Lucy can’t believe the words coming out of this dominant male. He insists her destiny is to become a mermaid queen and mother to his future children. The one thing “destiny” forgot to mention was that Lucy’s a broke divorcee who can’t even have a child. 

It’s really too bad, because his gorgeous lips are all too kissable, and she’d love to see his iridescent gold tattoos moving as he flexed those broad, hard pectorals under the water...

Steadfast mer king Kadir has endured ridicule, banishment, and undersea prison for his belief that modern human women will save their dwindling race. Freed to found a city of mermen shifters who share his beliefs, he sets out to the surface to woo his bride. And sweet, sensual Elyssa is his.

Elyssa can’t even match her socks. How can she rule an undersea kingdom? But when King Kadir holds her in his bulging, silver-tattooed arms and claims her as his soul mate, deep down the shy introvert holds big dreams. Maybe his magical elixir will transform her into more than just a mousy, water-breathing version of herself. Maybe it will make her into an exceptional woman worthy to be a queen.

Hardened mer warrior Soren is no great catch. Disgraced, battle-scarred, and with a temper as black as the tattoos slashing his skin, the First Lieutenant of rebel city Atlantis prefers to protect the other warriors’ brides rather than seek his own to repopulate their dwindling race.

But he can’t control his cravings for haughty, elegant Aya.

Sink into the darkness with an exclusive scene linking damaged warrior Soren to his betrayal of the warrior he most respected...

Zara almost died the night she was forced to the surface. Shattered memories are all that remain in her broken heart. Suddenly, her mer husband, Elan stands on the shore before her like a mirage. Heart-stopping, mouth-watering, and all hers. He even escaped with her son.

And a deadly secret…

Every complete novel contains a happy ending filled steamy mer-shifter love scenes, underwater battles, and friendly giant octopi. Fall in love with these men of the sea!

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